Get your
intellectual property

as well as a documentation
to tangible goods back in order...

Get information

about important dates and events,
which you should not forget.

Be prepared to bequeath

Your "online" property
and all relevant information
to your family and loved ones.
You thus simplify your life
as well as life of those
you care about most.

Prepare handing over

of corporate know-how
in the right hands
in case of a crisis situation.

Set a cancellation

of all services and data
which should not get
nto the hands of anyone other than you...

immediately and for free!

Find out in a non-binding manner
what advantages of POSTIBI
you and your loved ones can take.

With us you are safe!

Double encryption of your data,
antivirus protection,
protection against login robots,
at your request logging in using the certificate.
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POSTIBI is a service through which you get your intellectual property and documentation for tangible assets back in order.

POSTIBI will remind you of important dates for preserving the value of your property. Through POSTIBI you can decide who will take care of your legacy at a time when you can no longer be among us.

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Get your life in order! Think about the future!

Each of us creates some values that remain and that we want to preserve and pass on to our families and loved ones. Most of us have ever wondered how we can secure our loved ones in case that we pass away. Therefore we take out an insurance policy, open saving accounts, buy houses, valuables and other properties.


However, most of us do not solve how effectively we can pass on all of these values to our loved ones, how to inform them that we were thinking of them throughout our lives and how to ensure they receive all the information that we would like to tell them in case of a tragic event.
This need, despite its importance and significance, is often being naturally overlooked, but there is a solution in the form of simple, comfortable, safe and completely unique online service named POSTIBI.
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Z toho plyne jednoznačný efekt - na jednom místě máte ucelený přehled o podstatných informacích pro Vaše blízké a můžete je jednoduše spravovat, editovat, rozšiřovat.
Jednou, když bude potřeba, dokáže přesměrování na Vaše blízké ulehčit jejich život v neradostném období a zajístí, že vše, čím jste na ně za svůj život mysleli, bude využito naplno a nebude ztraceno nebo opomenuto.
important data
You simply collect all relevant information about various insurance policies, the existence of bank accounts, deposits, property rights, contracts, loans, as well as your personal wishes, documents such as photos or videos and about the existence of social network accounts.
By assigning authority to authorized persons you can ensure that your specific data gets only in the right hands.

Online accounts / services

Do you use social networks services such as facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, MySpace, google+, spolužá

You upload videos, photos to your accounts and establish new relationships. These data have value not only for you but also for many other people with whom you share your data.

Through POSTIBI you can share all your collected data with people you have determined and who will ensure their further usability. On the contrary if you do not want to use such a service in all cases, you can simply cancel it.

The service can also be used for email accounts, online casinos, betting profiles, payment services (PayPal etc.).
K Vašim datům se dostanou pouze osoby, které Vy sami určíte a kterým zajistíte i jejich další použitelnost.


The website uses a secure connection with the 256 bit encryption, which prevents communication from being intercepted.

All data is stored in our system only in encrypted form, which practically makes it impossible to be misused.

In practice, this means that we do not know what your data contains. The same is true of the stored documents (files).
K šifrování se používá Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Online business / shop

Are you doing business on the Internet? Have you created your online shop on ebay, aukro etc.?

Its creation and editing certainly took a very long time, as well as creating a range of customers and promotion.

Would you like to be sure that your investment will continue to serve to your loved ones?

Simply pass on your online shop through POSTIBI to your successor in order to allow him to continue in business in case that something unpredictable happens to you.

Insurance policies, bank accounts, loans

For our own securing and securing our loved ones we take out various insurance policies, open savings accounts etc.

Nowadays, there are many different types of accident insurance which are included in credit cards or vehicle liability insurance. However, we ourselves often do not keep track of insurance policies we have, let alone our loved ones, for whom these insurance policies are mainly intended and who should use them fully and without complications.
On POSTIBI you can keep a record for each of your insurance policies including contact information, which you can use in case of performance and attach names of people who should take advantage of them to this record.

You can therefore put all documents in order and significantly simplify life of your loved ones during difficult times.

Likewise, you can put your bank accounts, loans, mortgages etc. back in order. No one, including you, then has to seek in all the drawers in the house to know what the financial products you use during your life.

TIP: Set up a notification for your vehicle liability insurance eight weeks before the termination date. At least 6 weeks before the termination date you can terminate the contract. Each year, you thus have two weeks for reviewing your insurance terms to make sure they still meet your needs and if not, you can change the insurance company.
Začněte užívat výhod POSTIBI okamžitě a nechte se upozorňovat na důležité termíny. Expirace pojištění, splátky, schůzky s bankovním poradcem - nic neunikne Vaší pozornosti.

Corporate use

he POSTIBI service can also be appreciated by many businessmen. How?

Make a backup of important data and documents for your business. Prepare notes to your colleagues or associates in order to most effectively continue in your work and not give competitors a chance.
Finanční poradci mají díky POSTIBI jedinečnou možnost udržet pořádek v produktech svých klientů.

Bequest to bereaved persons

Do you have something to say to people you choose when you pass away?

Would you like to express a wish that you would be happy if your siblings or children make it up?

Would you like to draw your heirs’ attention to your debtors?

Simply prepare required documents and set their addressees.
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